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About Us

We have a wealth of versatile play equipment and ideas for entire islands designed for play, exploration, discovery and invention not to mention just taking a break, having a lie down or hanging out with friends. Creative responsibility lies in the capable hands of our proactive staff. This means ideas first become reality in our factory workshop and from there it's only a short step to the outside world – this can be true for your idea too. As a partner for projects and joint undertakings, merry go round welcomes the challenge of realising the ideas of children, customers and partners.
And the other way round, children and customers are time and again fascinated by our ideas and impressed by the quality of the end product.
So it's no wonder that we are also a partner of the sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner and represent and realise his motorikparks© concept in five countries – all in tried-and-tested merry go round quality.
Spielgeräte aus Berlin: Spielgeräte, Spielplatzausrüster, Spielplatzkonzeption in Berlin Behindertenschaukeln, Spielplatzbau. - Kletterwände, Kletterfelsen für Spielplätze und Free-Climbing Anlagen
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