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Our latest addition …
having first won the praise of experts in our workshops is now in ‘the great outdoors’ where it rightfully belongs and can be used by everyone: children, parents, the elderly, sportspersons and the ones undergoing rehabilitation.
The ingenious, tried-and-tested Motorikpark™ concept of sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner means everyone can exercise according to their individual abilities. Its holistic principle is as conducive to mental skills and coordination and combination abilities as it is to specific physical movements. Teachers and pupils at the Zum Alten Forst secondary school in Troisdorf were equally enthusiastic and some time ago put together a small Motorikpark™ made up of a combination of various elements. All those looking for a new kind of play equipment are recommended our ‘Spielwelten 4’ brochure (available in german only) – an inspiring cross section of the Dr. Werthner world of movement that we construct in the solid and attractive style that is typical for merry go round.
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