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Playgrounds at BUGA
We reconceived the ugly landmarks dotting the landscape near Ronneburg, Germany, into small playgrounds for fun and play. The landscape was home to a 100-meter high debris cone for earth removed from the nearby uranium mines. Drawing on this image, we added small 'cones' to the landscape for climbing, balancing, sliding and fun. They are the highlights of the new terrain, but are fixed elements in our product range, under the 'playing', 'sliding' and 'climbing' categories of the website. Additional adventures await kids in our 'mine', which has been re-conceptualised as an above-ground installation with a dark tunnel slide. A nearby mining tower served as the inspiration for our own climbing tower, which features webbed netting and a look-out platform.
Spielgeräte aus Berlin: Spielgeräte, Spielplatzausrüster, Spielplatzkonzeption in Berlin Behindertenschaukeln, Spielplatzbau. - Kletterwände, Kletterfelsen für Spielplätze und Free-Climbing Anlagen
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